Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Cup Milo No Spoon

Its hard to live witout spoon
the night seems very peaceful
i'm getting sleepy
there's a cup on my table
with a Milo inside it
so I put the hot water into it
I taste a bit
feel warm
but it tasteless
coz I don't have spoon
the Milo are not stir well
so what??
the Milo becomes chunky
and there is a non-saturated Milo inside the cup
i drink and feel like to throw up
so there is a half of the Milo inside the cup
and I jus let it until tomorrow morning
i cannot finish it
there's nothing to used to stir the Milo
I guess I have to buy a tea spoon tomorrow
but still
a cup without spoon is jus like a body witout soul
its hard to live witout spoon