Monday, 3 August 2009

Now the day is getting harder and harder

Sore throat, flu and headache make me feel miserable that night. Is that bcoz of influenza A?? I could have infected by the diseases since the H1N1 already spread out in UiTM and harm at least 5 of the student. Early midnight, my friends hand me some panadol and he noticed that my eyes are becoming red. So, he told me to go to the Unit Kesihatan tomorrow for a further treatment. I could not sleep thinking about it. Is it I have infected by H1N1 or maybe dengue?? Only god knows how I feel. After that, the temperature of my body decreases and i feel a bit okay. So, I get myself a nap until I felt asleep. The next day, I went to the UK to check out my real diseases. Alhamdulillah, its just a normal sickness. Then, i get back to the college. After had some meal and medicine, I slept and wake up at 2 o’clock. I’ve shocked, a riot?? Why everyone is shouting out there?? They said that UiTM ask the student to get back to their hometown because of the H1N1. Everyone seems very excited and some not.
I was frighten, is that just because of this morning I’ve go to the UK? Well, so many student in UK this morning and maybe too much for the UiTM to handled. So, that is why UiTM provided the holiday for student, so that the student can have their own treatment at their own places. The holiday is begun. What I’m supposed to do?? Its not good to have a holiday in such a shocked. I still have a lot of homework to do at my college.

Now the day is getting harder and harder. I’ve so much things to settle off in this few short months. Its been a week I’ve have plenty of time doing nothing. So sad. When the UiTM provided a holiday for the H1N1 cases in about 11 days, I do have a lot of things to do at home but unfortunately I’m not yet though for that. Not b’coz of my laziness, but b’coz I’m not feel very well. Instead of two times went to the clinic said everything is just fine. But my running nose seems affect me to do many works. So, I just postponed until I get well enough to handle it. But then, I’ve start to try to finish one of my task by using an AutoCAD. Well, a lot of commands I do forgot and its stopped me to go on with that. So, i just sit back and watch tv’s. Its too bad, coz the time is running out. Not really, i still have 1 more weeks for the submission. Hah3.. So, i just wasting my time without finish any assignment and its getting worst. I rather to sit at my college then sit at home. At least, i can get help from my friends for the homework. So, this is the most moron and sickness week of all weeks of my life. Huh, my flu seems doesn’t want to stop. Maybe I should drink a lot of water and having a medicine after meal. But, I already do that. Why??Why?? Why the flu still leaking out of my nose?? I’m getting tired and its not comfortable as well.